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Solo Songs

Solo Songs

Scores that were published during O’Neill’s lifetime are now out of copyright and can be downloaded here for free.

For new editions created from manuscripts, please click here for RCM Editions.

Downloadable scores are marked in bold, italics and underlined.


Please click here for a list of manuscripts held in the collections of the Royal College of Music, which include many unpublished orchestral scores as well as further songs, chamber music and piano music by Norman O’Neill. Please see the Manuscript numbers MS 4351–MS 4 433 and MSS 7334–74.

They can be made available to scholars and other interested parties by the RCM Library.

Solo Songs

Drei Lieder, 1896 (Please see RCM Editions)

Parted, medium high voice, Words by Frank B. O’Neill, 1897 Weekes & Co

A Norse Lullaby, high voice, Words by Eugene Field, 1898 Boosey & Co.

The Light of Love, Words by Hartley Coleridge, 1899 Boosey & Co.

Two Songs, 1899 Forsyth

i. Roses in the Garden

ii. A Prayer

The Indian Serenade, Words by Shelly, 1900

Madeleine's Songfrom 'After All', 1902 Boosey & Hawkes

Two Songs, 1904 Schott (also orchestrated) 

i. When You Come

ii. A Modern Greek Song

Five Rondels for Medium Voice Op.18,1907 Avison Ed.

i. Rondeau (W.E.Henley)

ii. The Lilacs are in Bloom (George Moore)

iii.The Lovely Isle (anon)

iv. A Roundel of Rest (Arthur Symons)

v. With Strawberries (W.E.Henley)

Two French Songs, medium voice, Musette traditional French words, English words by Harry Graham; Avison Ed. agents Breitkopf and Haertel, 1907  

i. Un grand sommeil Op 26 Nr. 1 (Verlaine)

ii. Ballade Francaise Op 26 Nr. 2 (Paul Fort)

Love In The Cherry Tree (Gertrude van Ruith) 1909 B. Schott’s Söhne

Where Be You Going, You Devon Maid Op.35 No.2 , medium voice, Words by John Keats; 1909 B. Schott’s Söhne Mayence

All For Me, 1911 Boosey & Hawkes

Håkon's Lullaby, from 'The Pretenders', 1913 Elkin

Eagles of England, words by P. Bewshar (Dedicated to RAF), 1918 Elkin

The Warrior Love, words by Sir William Watson, 1919 Schott & Co.

Six Songs from 'Through the Green Door', 1920 Anglo-French Music Co. Ltd

i. Through The Green Door

ii. The Cat’s Song

iii. Molly’s Song

iv. Silvery Dreams

v. Rikk’s Song

vi. The Princess’s Song

The Song of Lucius, medium voice, Words from Shakespeare’s ‘Lucrece’; 1920 Anglo-French Music Co. Ltd

Yo, ho, ho and a Bottle of Rumsung in 'Ambrose Applejohn's Adventure',1921 Keith Prowse

Tell Me Where is Fancy Bred, medium voice (Shakespeare), Composed for David Belasco’s Production of “The Merchant of Venice”                             

1922, H.W.Gray co., sole agents for Novello & Company, Ltd: London

It Was A Lover and His Lass, medium high voice, Shakespeare; 1922 The H. W Gray Co.

Musette, from 'A Roof and Four Walls', 1923 J.B.Cramer   

On a Grey Day, medium voice, (E. Temple Thurston), 1923 J.B.Cramer     

Sung by Miss Phyllis Neilson Terry in “A Roof and Four Walls” at the Apollo Theatre, London

Songs from the Fairy Play words by Maud V. Vernon; copyright 1920 Anglo-French Music

Blossom Songs, From the Japanese, accompaniment for piano and string quartet, 1924 J.B.Cramer   

Birds - A Song Cycle, medium high voice, Words by E.Temple Thurston   

J.B.Cramer & Co, London, 1924

i. Cuckoo

ii. Wren

iii. Wagtail

iv. Night-Jar

v. Woodpecker

The Golden Hour of Noon, Words by Ashley Dukes, from 'the Man with a Load of Mischief', copyright 1925 J.B.Cramer   

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