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Solo Piano

Scores that were published during O’Neill’s lifetime are now out of copyright and can be downloaded here for free.

For new editions created from manuscripts, please click here for RCM Editions.

Downloadable scores are marked in bold, italics and underlined.


Please click here for a list of manuscripts held in the collections of the Royal College of Music, which include many unpublished orchestral scores as well as further songs, chamber music and piano music by Norman O’Neill. Please see the Manuscript numbers MS 4351–MS 4 433 and MSS 7334–74.

They can be made available to scholars and other interested parties by the RCM Library.

Solo Piano


Four Compositions, 1898 Forsyth Brothers Ltd.

i. Allegro grazioso

ii. Allegro agitato

iii. Adagio espressivo

iv. Allegro scherzando

Variations and Fugue, 1898

Three Piano Pieces, 1904 Schott

i. Caprice

ii. Intermezzo

iii. Burlesque

Three Pieces for piano, 1906 Schott

i. Berceuse

ii. Valse

iii. Gavotte

Two Easy Pieces, 1908 Schott

i. Romance

ii. Gigue

Four Dances from 'The Blue Bird', 1910 Elkin & Co.

i. Dance of the Mist Maids

ii. Dance of Fire and Water

iii. Dance of the Stars

iv. Dance of the Hours

A Memory, 1911 Elkin & Co.

Four Songs Without Words, 1918 Anglo-French Music Co.

i. Dance

ii. Folk Song

iii. Lullaby

iv. Sailors' Song

Carillon, 1919 International Music Company

Three Old English Pieces, 1919 Schott

i. Real Morris

ii. Rigadoon

iii. Elizabethan March

In The Branches, 1919 The Anglo-French Music Co.

i. Build a Nest

ii. Rain On The Roof

iii. House Warming

iv. Fledgelings

Four Easy Pieces, 1921 The Anglo-French Music Co.

Two Entr'actes, 1922 Schott

i. Running Water (also for quintet)

ii. Ragtime (a cockney tune)

Four Little Dances, 1923 The Anglo French Music Co.

i. Gopak

ii. Habanera

iii. Valse

iv. Ragtime

A Landscape,1924 Edward Arnold & Co.

Hornpipe, 1924 Bosworth & Co, Ltd.

Four Tunes for The Sea, 1926 International Music Company

Suite for Piano,1927 Keith Prowse & Co. Ltd

i. Theme

ii. Romance

iii. Intermezzo

iv. Ragtime

Four Syncopated Pieces, 1928 J. Williams

Arab Dance published separately, 1928

Three Sketches for piano, 1928 W. Rogers

Four Country Pictures, 1929 Oxford University Press

The King's House . Suite, 1930 Leonard Gould and Bolttler

Romance (manuscript)

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