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This Website on the composer Norman O’Neill has been initiated by his granddaughter Katherine Jessel (née Hudson) and produced with the support of a team of researchers based at the Royal College of Music led by Norbert Meyn.


It aims to provide easy access to information about the life and works of the composer and invites you to perform and enjoy his music. A selection of scores have been prepared for RCM EDITIONS and are available for free download from this website. 


The use of these editions in performance and recordings is also free.


The manuscripts of the great majority of O’Neill’s compositions are kept at the Royal College of Music Library in London and can be accessed there. A list of available items in the College may be found in the WORKS section of this website.





Any music that was published during O’Neill’s lifetime is now out of copyright. However, any unpublished music by Norman O’Neill is subject to the ‘2039 Rule’ introduced by the Copyright, Design and Patents Act 1988 which came into force on 1 August 1989. Under this rule, where an original work was created before 1989 and the author died per 1969 with the works unpublished, if those works are subsequently published, the copyright will expire in 31 December 2039. For this reason, new publications of works by O’Neill can only be made with permission from Katherine Jessel or the Estate of Norman O’Neill. 


Image Credits


'The Rehearsal' image: Richard Green Gallery, London 


Norman O'Neill portrait: Reproduced with kind permission from the Royal College of Music


Haymarket Theatre image: The Michael Diamond Collection / Mary Evans Picture Gallery


Bluebird Poster: The Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge


Mary Rose Poster


All other images: Katherine Jessel


Royal College of Music team


Catherine Cheung, Web Editor

Bruno Bower, Music Editor

Norbert Meyn, Project Supervisor

(L to R): Catherine Cheung, Bruno Bower, Katherine Jessel (granddaughter of Norman O'Neill), Norbert Meyn 

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