Orchestral Works

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Please click here for a list of manuscripts held in the collections of the Royal College of Music, which include many unpublished orchestral scores as well as further songs, chamber music and piano music by Norman O’Neill. Please see the Manuscript numbers MS 4351–MS 4 433 and MSS 7334–74.

They can be made available to scholars and other interested parties by the RCM Library.

Orchestral Works


Suite for Strings, 1893-7


Overture: In Autumn, 1901


Overture: Hamlet, 1903-4


Dirge from Hamlet, 1904


Miniatures for small orchestra, 1904


Overture: In Springtime, 1905-6


Miniatures (Six pieces for full orchestra), 1908


Theme and Variations on an Irish Air (orchestral version of op.17 for two pianos), 1910


A Scotch Rhapsody for full orchestra, 1911


Introduction, Mazurka and Finale (from A Forest Idyll), 1913


Overture: Humoresque, 1913


Hornpipe (Published for piano and for full and small orchestra), 1916 Bosworth


Irish Jig for chamber orchestra, 1923


Punch and Judy (Published for piano and for full and small orchestra), 1924 Ascherberg Hopwood and Crew


Three Exotic Dances for full orchestra (from Kismet), 1925


Fairy-Tale Suite (From Through the Green Door), 1925


Alice in Wonderland, 1926


Festal Prelude (Published for piano and for full and small orchestra), 1927 Bosworth


Two Shakespearean Sketches (Published for full and small orchestra)

1928 Cramer




Pastorale for strings, 1934

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