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Incidental Music

For new editions created from manuscripts, please click here for RCM Editions.

Please click here for a list of manuscripts held in the collections of the Royal College of Music, which include many unpublished orchestral scores as well as further songs, chamber music and piano music by Norman O’Neill. Please see the Manuscript numbers MS 4351–MS 4 433 and MSS 7334–74.

They can be made available to scholars and other interested parties by the RCM Library.

Incidental Music to the Following Plays (among others)


After All (Madelaine’s Song published), 1901-2 Boosey & Hawkes


The Exile, 1902


Hamlet, 1904


A Lonely Queen, 1906

The Spell (A Tragedy of Truth), 1907


The Bride of Lammermoor (The Last Heir), 1908


The World and his Wife, 1909


King Lear, 1909


The Blue Bird, 1909 Boosey & Hawkes

Song of Mothers published; Dance of the Joys, Four Dances, The Blue Bird Waltz, and a selection published for piano; Four Dances and The Blue Bird Waltz published for orchestra. Dances arr. For piano and strings by A. Reynolds (published 1941)


Priscilla Runs Away, 1910 Chappell

Waltz: Priscilla, published for piano


All that Matters, 1911


The Gods of the Mountain, 1911 Schott

Two dances: Dance of Wine and Sacrificial Dance, published for piano


The Golden Doom, 1912


The Pretenders (Håkon’s Lullaby published), 1913 Elkin


The Holy City, 1914


Paddly Pools, 1916


Freedom, 1918


Through the Green Door, 1918-19 Anglo-French


Reparation (Reparation Waltz, published for piano; Russian Gipsy Songs published), 1919 Ascherberg Hopwood and Crew


Julius Caesar (Song of Lucius published), 1920 Anglo-French


Mary Rose (Preludes and interludes and the Call published for piano, and Prelude and Call for orchestra), 1920 Schott


Macbeth, 1920


The Knave of Diamonds, (Suite published for piano), 1921 Keith Prowse


The Love Thief, 1921


Quality Street (Eight arrangements of dances published for piano), 1921 Schott


The Way of an Eagle, 1922


The Merchant of Venice (three songs published), 1922 H.W.Gray


Stigmata, 1922


Via Crucis, 1923


Success, 1923


The Prisoner of Zenda (Incidental music published for piano and Intermezzo Flavia for small orchestra), 1923 Cramer


A Kiss of Cinderella (Incidental music published for piano), 1924 Cramer


Kismet (three songs published and three dances published for piano; Egytian Dance, Marsinah’s Dance, Indian Dance), 1925 Keith Prowse


The Man with a Load of Mischief (two songs published), 1925 Cramer


Cristilinda, 1925


The White Chateau, 1927


Mr. Pickwick, 1928


The Lady with the Lamp, 1929


The Ivory Door, 1929


The Shadow of the East, 1929


Measure for Measure, 1929


To Meet the King!, 1930


Little Catherine, 1931


Man Overboard, 1932


Francis Thompson, 1933


This Side Idolatry, 1933


Acropolis, 1933


Henry V, 1933

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