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Updated: Mar 31

We are pleased to announce that a new CD La Belle Dame has been released from Em Records, with the BBC Concert Orchestra, conductor John Andrews, and baritone Roderick Williams.

The recording features music from the late Victorian/Edwardian period of English music exploring new forms of Romanticism in a series of ‘scenas’ from O’Neill, Scott and Quilter – all World Premier recordings. It is of interest that these three composers were all pupils at the Hoch Conservatorium in Frankfurt under Ivan Knorr and were members of the well- known Frankfurt Gang. Their intimate friends Holst and Delius also feature on this recording: Holst’s Ornulf’s Drapa and Delius’s Petite Suite D’Orchestre both receiving a first performance.

O’Neill’s La Belle Dame sans Merci (1908) was written at a turning point in the composer’s musical life, as he was made Musical Director of The Haymarket Theatre, London, the following year, and henceforth wrote chiefly for the stage. His strong dramatic gift is evident in this work, which hints at a wider potential the theatre never quite fulfilled.

La Belle Dame is now available to purchase from Em Records. Just follow the link to learn more.

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